Kalecik Bar / Bistro

“Kalecik” name before dating back to 4000 BC the name old comes from an Anatolian region. Powerful civilizations were hosted in the “Kalecik” district from “Alexander the great” to the “Eastern Roman Empire” and many more.

New face of the “Kalecik Bar & Bistro” is offering a unique hospitality, wines from indigenous grapes, local and international spirits as well as delicious cuisine specially prepared for you. A crispy salad, sandwiches, grilled meats or daily desserts with attractive prices with in the hotel.

“Kalecik Bar & Bistro” located in the lobby, with an indoor seating and a winter garden alternative. “Anadolu Breakfast” can be ordered all day. Delicious sandwiches, charcoal fired grills varieties, desserts and many more are freshly cooked to your order.

Anadolu Restaurant

Anadolu Restaurant which is the main restaurant of Downtown Ankara presents a wide feast table for its guests in the heart of Ankara from the top of world cuisine to luscious tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine as well as traditional tastes of Anatolia.

Söğütözü Restaurant

Söğütözü  Restaurant presents delicious moments for you all day long with its ideal environment where you will enjoy special menus and drinks as well as its elegant design and the bar.

Söğütözü Teras

Downtown Ankara welcomes you in Söğütözü Teras in order to turn your special days into reality with its unique view, high service quality and Anatolian hospitality in the heart of Ankara.